Friday, June 5, 2009

go ahead, rain on me

today i thought i might be channeling some of this: 
well, not so much the dog, or the wardrobe malfunction, or the pig tails  --although i'm sure james would love that--but basically doing my favorite summer activity: applying sun tan lotion, settling onto a pool or beach chair, and then not moving for several hours, except for turning the pages of a book or magazine. instead i've mostly been doing this: 
including the smile, believe it or not (minus the salt). yes, it has been raining nearly the whole day, and i'm still happy! happy to be home, happy to have graduated from college, happy to send out many thank you notes to fabulous friends and family who gave me fabulous gifts...i feel like singing that stupid song, "raindrops keep falling on my head/but that doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turning red." make that my right eye won't be, because my left eye is in-fact very red, and, as i learned today, very infected (apparently humans are not supposed to drive for eight hours staring into the sun on 95 south, thank god i won't be doing that again anytime soon). 

but i'm still happy! and since i just got off the phone with my lovely friend brianne, i'm reminded of an even better song about the rain, "summer day," by her nerd-tastic crush, jason schwartzman and his band, coconut records. good weather for watching darjeeling limited...and for trying out the first installment of my weekly homemade dinners. 

not sure if my mum saw my earlier post about my summer resolution to cook a meal once a week, or she thought it up all own her own, but resolution is now requirement. tonight's menu: prosciutto rolls with asparagus and arugula, and pasta with shrimp and artichokes. dessert provided by the publix bakery because i've been craving their mini key lime pies and fruit tarts, maybe i'll tackle the whole shabang next week...don't want to out do myself on the first go!