Thursday, May 28, 2009

double fisting

make that fists punching up at the sky, each one with an ice cream cone. if only i could get fro yo from j.p. licks! image via shespeaksoceans.


 wiped out, but not knocked out. almost ready to do my rocky run up the steps, fists punching at the sky... can't wait to celebrate my graduation with my friends and family! 

Friday, May 22, 2009

more indian inspired

can't decide between all the cheap and chic jewelry by amrita singh on today, like these earrings for $12 and  bangles for $11. 

pretty sweet

necklace on love the subtle indian inspired detail.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

perfect table setting

for my summer resolution to make homemade meals. via shelteriffic.

yes, please

all serious reading to be done here. see more of alicia bock's amazing photography.

on my reading list

john meachum's new book, in time for the 4th of july, a.k.a. when i'll get around to reading it. my grandpa would have already read it. wondering when one starts to feel wise? 


thank you to whichever one of my neighbors just played unforgettable by nat king cole. the first street/apartment noise i don't want to forget. 

summer resolution

inspired by sunday suppers to cook a meal for loved ones or friends at least once a week. can't wait to taste the first tomato of the summer! 

want these clocks

by jonas damon. still waiting on my volunteer sugar daddy. p.s. is addictive, beware.

miss my dad

who never gets crumbs in his beard, unless he's eating a bagel with cream cheese.

for you, in neon

take care

sweet digitized embroidery. thank you to everyone who has been helping me through, i love you.

good for one...

by lea redmond. how i'd use mine: good for one walk with mum, good for some home cookin' from dad, good for one pep talk from molly, good for one tune (not pictured) from james, good for one baked good from danielle (big gun brownies!). how would you spend yours?

dreams of summer: sandy feet snuggles